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Including rejection and dispute settlement, our luxury, performance, and supercar mis-sales and defects are generally recognized as the leading business in the sector.

We are unrivalled in the motor business and automotive law because of our extensive experience and knowledge in the luxury and supercar markets.

Supercar Lawyer

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We handle matters involving all aspects of vehicle sales, maintenance, and financing, including civil fraud and ‘high end’ automobiles that have been damaged, unroadworthy, or faulty.

From private collectors and dealerships to private people who want to buy or sell classic cars, we have an impressive portfolio of cases including everything from Aston Martin to Bentley to Bugatti to Ferrari to Lamborghini to Maserati to Rolls-Royce.

With our unmatched skill, insight, and understanding of luxury automobiles, supercars, and all the tricks of the trade, we try to settle complaints and conflicts without resorting to litigation.


Customers have implied statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act, whereas non-consumers have statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act.


Inaccuracies in information given by the vendor, such as service history and provenance, mileage and accident damage or repairs, which the buyer relied on to their own peril.


A vendor’s refusal to disclose facts that might influence a buyer’s choice to purchase is one area of consumer protection legislation; the other is when a seller engages in deceptive practices or fails to disclose product safety issues like a vehicle fire.


‘Cloning’ is a term used to describe the practice of using the same chassis number or VIN for several vehicles. Car ‘ringing’ is also on the increase, when a severely damaged, unregistered vehicle is purchased just for its chassis tags, VIN, and other identification features. Vehicle identification is swapped with the donor car’s before it is sold as an identical replacement for the stolen vehicle.


When a car owner leaves a vehicle with a dealer or agent to be sold on a sale or return basis or customized, the vehicle is sold to another person without the money being returned to the original owner, resulting in a title dispute. Or vehicles that were sold but the buyer did not reveal the amount of outstanding debt on the vehicle, leading in the lender seizing ownership.

How to Protect Yourself When Buying a High-Performance Vehicle

To ensure that you’re receiving exactly what you’re paying for, Storm catcher offers a discreet service for buyers of supercars, hyper cars, collectible sports and competition cars. Sales or return or consignment deals often lead to autos being overvalued, misrepresented and so forth since the intermediary, broker or dealer is selling the vehicle.

We depend on knowledge, relationships in the business, and secrecy to help us prevent disaster. When purchasing a car, we may do thorough research on its past to verify that it doesn’t have any underlying issues that might turn into a nightmare if left unchecked.

When it comes to getting a deal done, we can help with everything from price negotiation to contract drafting. We can also help with logistics and restoration.


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